Philippines in the Eyes of the People

March 7, 2007 at 10:45 am Leave a comment

The stock market, stock exchange, foreign currency exchange rate. Business terms. What do they mean to you? For stock holders, investors and businessmen, their lives revolve around these. But what about ordinary people– factory workers, drivers, What are those terms to them? Do they feel the effect of the change in the peso-dollar exchange rate? Do they even care?

We often hear the status of the Philippines from economists, analysts, politicians and business tycoons. They say that our economy is getting better because the exchange rate is in favor of the Philippine peso. They say that our GDP per- capita is growing because of the growing number of foreign investors. On the surface, it’s nice to hear but how about in the inside, in the urban poor areas of our country? Do they feel the same?

These people make up about half of Metro Manila, 60% of ARMM, and 30% of Central Mindanao. We cannot ignore what these people think about our country and what these people need.

As citizens of this country, we must try to help our fellowmen. We cannot be apathetic about their situations. But before we can help them, we have to know what they need, what they want. Let us dig deeper as I explore the Philippines in the eyes of the people.  


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