Celio Enoferio

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My first interviewee is Celio V. Enoferio. He has been a pedicab driver for about 2 years. He has 4 children and lives in Brgy. San Roque in Diliman, Quezon City– just across Philippine Science High School. He was a construction worker before but due to tight management, he decided to become a pedicab driver. He earns an average of 120 pesos a day but he pays 40 pesos to the pedicab operator. When I asked him if his salary is enough to support his family, he said it’s barely enough to send his children to school but they have no choice but to live by it.  

Do you think the Philippine economy can progress even further? It took him time to answer but eventually he said “Hindi na, hanggang dyan na lang yan.” He said the
Philippines would not progress if the government does not provide the people with more jobs with decent pay. According to him, this is the reason why people do not get contented with their leaders and keep on rallying. “Hindi sila makontento kasi yung mga politiko lang ang nagbebenipisyo sa pagkapanalo nila, hindi ang tao.” (They don’t get contented because only the politicians benifit when they win, not the people). When asked if he feels the effect of the foreign exchange rate he said he doesn’t notice it because the prices of the commodities are constantly rising. I mentioned the government’s effort of encouraging foreign investors to capitalize in our country and he noted that the government should put its focus in the people first before the foreign investors.  

How about the May elections? Who do you think is better, the administration or the opposition? Without a doubt he said the opposition. “Baka sakaling magbago.” (Maybe [the government] would change). The Philippines needs a drastic change in terms of politics according to him.  

If you can change something in the Philippines what would it be? The status of the poor and the government. The government should stop corruption. He pointed out that corruption is one of the main reasons why the poor stays poor. He wants the government to give more jobs and more educational opportunities for the poor. 

“Kaya kayo mag-aral kayong mabuti. Para rin sa inyo yan.” (Study well. It’s for your own good) 

This was his message before I leave his pedicab and go to the MRT station. 


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