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I was strolling along Rustan’s Edsa Shangri-La looking for prospect interviewees and ended up in this jewelry store. I was hesitant to approach the sales ladies at first because they are on duty and they might get mad at me. I managed to talk to one of them.  Her name is Sheila Agayam. She’s been working there for 3 years. She says that her salary in the company can sustain her needs and save a little. Working in an internationally owned jewelry store has its benefits. They have their medical cards and insurances. More or less,
Agayam is contented with her job.  

The first thing I asked her was about politics and the government.  Do you believe that the solution to the problems of the Philippines is a Constitutional Change? No, it’s not the solution. If they are going to change the constitution, they must first change the people who run the government. “Mga trapo [traditional politicians] na kasi yan.” (Those are already traditional politicians). What we need younger and better politicians. 

What do you think of actors in politics? “I’m against them. Nagpapagulo lang sila ng politika.” (They are nuisance to politics). That is not their business anymore. They must stick to what they know best according to her. 
Ms. Agayam believes that the Filipino people must learn to choose their leaders well. 

Do you feel President Arroyo has done a good job in improving the economy of the country?“Yes, of course” She did an incredible job. She was able to bring the Philippine peso exchange rate back to 48. “Kung nagpatuloy na tumaas yan, sobrang mahal na ng bilihin natin compared ngayon.” (If it continued rising, prices of commodities would be higher than it is today.)  I asked her the same question I asked Mr. Enoferio.

Do you think the Philippine Economy can progress even further? Ms.Agayam has a different view of it. She said our economic growth can reach the two digit rate. When I asked her what things should be changed to make this possible, she said the government rule. They must remove corrupt officials in the government. She also mentioned another thing. She said “Nasa tao rin yan. Kung hindi tayo makikipag-cooperate sa gobyerno wala ring mangyayari sa atin.” (It’s in the people. If we wouldn’t cooperate with the government, nothing would happen.) Strive and work hard. These are two things that we need to do according to her to make everything possible.


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Philippines in the Eyes of the People Celio Enoferio

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