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Today is the submission of my project (a.k.a. this blog). This is maybe my last post for this blog but I hope this won’t stop me from my exploration. My goal is not just to inform you what our country needs but to inspire you, my readers, to do something about it.  

It was really hard to do the interviews. I have to pick the right words so I won’t sound intimidating especially when I ask personal questions. It was even harder to convince people to participate in the interview. 

These difficulties paid off, not just because I will be able to present a project but also because I learned and realized a lot of things from them. Even though I got to interview only 4 people, I became more aware of what our people need. I have been asking myself what our country needs. To be able to change something, you must first know what you need to change. And I realize that asking myself won’t do any good. If I really want to know, I have to ask those people who know what we need. 

I noticed something constant in my interview. Everyone wants efficient officials. One of the reasons I see is the corruption that dominates our government. People see this as a major reason why the poor are still poor. I believe that the in order to have more efficient officials, like what Mr. Cuenca said, the people  must learn how to pick the right officials. Most people vote politicians based on popularity scales.  

We cannot blame other people for our actions. Personally, I don’t think that the government has the sole responsibility of reducing the burden of the poor. In order for the government to help them, they must first learn to help themselves. They look for better lives but they don’t do anything to make this possible. Also, it is also our responsibility, as citizens of the
Philippines to help our fellowmen.  


As a high school student, I cannot do much of a change but I can start by avoiding brain drain and being aware of what my country needs. I do hope that when the right time comes, I would be able to help the people of my country.


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  • 1. Felize  |  March 10, 2007 at 12:31 pm

    Please link our project to yours: We Hold the Future

    thanks! 😀

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