Manny Pacquiao runs as congressman!

March 13, 2007 at 2:59 pm Leave a comment

As a part of my ‘study’, i asked a couple of persons about what they think of Manny Pacquiao’s decision.

First off is my dad. The most accessible person for the moment. Here’s what he said:

“It was a terrible move. Most people who want him to run are those who are going to use him. His career as a boxer would be very much affected”

Then I asked my mom. She said something similar.

I called my relatives and they all said that it was not good. I wish I could go to General Santos right now and get their opinions.

In my opinion, Manny Pacquiao should not run for office, not now. It would be bad for his career, his image and for the country’s image. Manny is considered as a hero. According to the people, ‘he unites the Philippines’. Just think about what will happen if he runs. Of course people, at least in Gen. San., would be forced to take sides– some in favor of him and others in favor of whoever he’s against with. That, clearly, is not unity.

BUT I think, if he gets elected (some other time, not now), he would be a very good leader. He comes from the lower class so he knows what the people need. He is service-oriented and he is a very generous person. He helps people through foundations, outreach programs and others even if he’s not a government official. Just think of the things that he can do when he is one IF he doesn’t change and IF no evil souls would influence to take some other path. 

Manny Pacquiao is still young. He’s not even thirty yet. He still has a lot of time. For now he should focus first in his boxing career, not in politics.


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